PhD Candidate

Philip P. Limerick is a PhD candidate in Hispanic Linguistics in the Department of Romance Languages. His primary research interests are language variation and change, sociolinguistics, and pragmatics, and his current projects involve the analysis of variation in Spanish in Georgia with regard to subject pronoun expression and past reference.


Limerick, Philip P. To appear. Variable clitic placement in US Spanish. Issues in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics series, edited by Jonathan E. MacDonald. John Benjamins.

Limerick, Philip P. 2017. Identity in discourse: Person-reference among Mexicans in the Southeastern U.S. Lengua y migración / Language and Migration 9(1): 85-112. 

Limerick, Philip P. 2017. Language contact in the US Southeast: The case of Spanish subject expression in an emerging bilingual community in Georgia. Spanish in Context 14(1): 53-77. doi:

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