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Double Dawgs: The AB and MA in One or More Romance Languages in Five Years or Less

The Double Dawgs Program allows qualified students to complete the Bachelor's degree and the Master's degree in one or more Romance Languages (French, Italian, Portuguese, and/or Spanish) in five years or less, rather than the six years required to complete the traditional route. While each Double Dawg student's program of study is necessarily highly personalized according to factors such as AP credit, study abroad experience, and heritage language abilities, a typical student would begin taking some graduate courses in their fourth year and transition into the full graduate program in their fifth year. In addition, Double Dawgs students will receive Teaching Assistant training and practical experience in their fourth year and work as a TA in their fifth year, thereby receiving professional training as well as a tuition waiver for that year (covering all but $25, fees not included) and a monthly stipend to cover living expenses.

Is this program right for you?

  • Are you taking advanced 2000 or 3000 level courses in your language of interest as a freshman or sophomore?
  • Do you enjoy not only learning the language, but also in-depth study of linguistics and/or literature and culture?
  • Are you considering a career in teaching, translation, diplomacy, international business, or social work?  

How can I apply?

For more information, please contact Department of Romance Languages graduate coordinator Mark Anderson.


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