Faculty Emiriti
Assistant Professor of French
Director, UGA en France, Senior Lecturer
Tutor, Translator
French TA , Instructor of record French 1110
French TA, Tutor
Associate Professor Emerita in French and Italian
Undergraduate Advisor
Faculty, Lecturer, Tutor, Translator
Academic Professional, Undergraduate French Language Coordinator
Associate Professor of French,
Assistant Professor of French
French Graduate Student
French and Portuguese Teaching Assistant
Faculty Emiriti
French Teaching Assistant, Instructor of Record
Professor of French and Provençal, French Language Community Coordinator
Distinguished Research Professor Emerita
French TA
Professor of French
Graduate Student
French Teaching Assitant, Department of Romance Languages
PhD Candidate, French and Francophone Literature, Graduate Teaching Assistant
Instructor of French and Spanish
Tutor, Translator
Professor of French
Professor of French and Spanish
Faculty, Graduate Faculty
Instructor of French
Associate Professor of French, Associate Professor of Theatre
PhD Student, French, Graduate Research Assistant
French Tutor
Faculty Emiriti
Faculty, Instructor