The Department of Romance Languages has established a new comparative area of emphasis combining the study of the language, literature and culture of Ibero-America. This area allows students to combine interests in Spanish, Portuguese, Spanish-American and Brazilian literature and culture, while developing their proficiency in both languages to a high level. This program helps students to understand the interconnectedness of Spanish America and Portuguese America (and/or Spain and Portugal), especially with regards to their literary, linguistic, and cultural traditions. This major will allow students to double major more easily in such fields as Latin American Studies, International Affairs, and Business. High proficiency in both languages has become increasingly essential for those students who wish to pursue a careerin these fields within either a Latin American or Iberian context.

Area of Emphasis Requirements

Required courses: 30 hours

Core Courses: 12 hours


Course Number Title Credits
PTSP 3010 Introduction to Language, Literature and Culture of the Portuguese-Speaking World 3 hours
PORT 4010 Advanced Language, Literature, and Cuture of the Portuguese-Speaking World 3 hours
SPAN 3010 Spanish Conversation and Composition 3 hours
SPAN 3030 or SPAN 3050 Introduction to Hispanic Literature or Introduction to Spanish Linguistics 3 hours


Comparative Courses: (6 hours)


Course Number TItle  Credits
PTSP 3010 or ROML 4860 Introduction to Ibero-American Language, Literature and Culture or Topics in Afro-Lusophone/Hispanic Identity 3 hours
PTSP 4900 Ibero-American Senior Seminar 3 hours


Focus Courses: (9 hours)

  • Choose one PORT courses at 4000 level.
  • Choose one SPAN or SPAN(LING) course at 4000 level.
  • Choose one additional PORT or SPAN(SPAN-LING) at 4000 levelElective Courses: (3 hours)


*Elective Courses:

Choose one from the following list

ANTH 3430 (Indians of Mexico and Central America)
ANTH 4225/6225 (Mexican Civilization)
ANTH 4460/6460 (The Aztecs and the Maya)
CMLT 4010 (Approachesin Comparative Literature)
ELAN 4530 (Foreign Language Curriculum and Methods)
ELAN 4531 (Foreign Language Curriculum and Methods)
ELAN 4730/6730 (Methods/Material forCommunity Lang. Teaching in Local Latino
GEOG 4720/6720 (Geography of Latin America)
HIST 3220 (History of Mexico)
HIST 3230 (History ofBrazil)
HIST 3240 (The Caribbean Area)
HIST 3270 (The History of Argentina and Chile in the 20th
HIST 3443 (Spain in the Age ofCervantes)
HIST 4200/6200 (Studiesin Latin American History)
HIST 4210/6210 (Latin America: a Socioeconomic History since 1930)
HIST 4211/6211 (Cuba from Emancipation to Revolution)
HIST(RELI) 4214/6214 (Introduction to the Religions of the Caribbean)
HIST 4220/6220 (The United States and Latin America)
HIST 4230/6230(Supernatural Lat. Amer.:Readings on Witchcraft, Shamanism, and Pop.
HIST 4250/6250 (Race, Nation, and PopularCulture in Latin America)
INTL(LACS) 4270 (Inter-American Relations)
INTL(LACS) 4380 (Latin American Political Systems)
LACS 4900 (Special Topicsin Latin American and Caribbean Studies)
PORT (All 4000 level courses)
SPAN and SPAN(LING) (All 4000 level courses)
SOCI(LACS) 4290 (Sociology of Latin America)
WMST(LACS) 3500 (Women in theCaribbean)
* These courses my be taken either priorto, during or after the coursesrequired forthe IberoAmerican Comparative Studies(Portuguese/Spanish) Area of Emphasis. Check the UGA
Bulletin for course prerequisites.

Participating Faculty:

Dr. Mark Anderson
Dr. Luis Correa-Díaz
Dr. Lesley Feracho
Dr. Chad Howe
Dr. Amélia Hutchinson
Dr. Betina Kaplan
Dr. Nicolás Lucero
Dr. Robert Moser
Dr. Susan Quinlan