Congratulations to Romance Languages faculty and graduate students, who have had the following papers accepted to HLS21, to be held on the campus of Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX on October 26-28, 2017! For a current HLS presentation schedule, click here.

Number variation in the verbal morphology of Miskitu-Spanish bilinguals

Madeline Critchfield

Exaptation in Western Romance: giving rise to the Galician índice funcional de suxeito

Brian Gravely, Jr.

Agentivity and unaccusativity in Spanish

Timothy Gupton

The acquisition of wh- questions in second-language Spanish

Philip Limerick and Kathryn Bove

Esto es un pequeño pocket”: Los cambios de código en el sintagma determinante

Ryan Platz, Dallin Larsen, and Bethany Bateman

Subject Expression among Miskitu-Spanish Bilinguals and Monolingual Spanish Speakers

Margaret Quesada and Madeline Critchfield

Adolescent speakers’ use of “en plan” in peninsular Spanish

Kristin Roberts

Transitive andar: an emergent verb of possession

Shannon Rodriguez

Dialectology in Northern Peru: language variation and grammaticalization

Jessica Tiegs