Romance Languages Graduate Student Colloquium: Rebeca Coelho, Viviane Klen Alves, Juliano Saccomani

Rebeca Coelho: "Learning about Brazilian Serialized Fiction:  My experience in the telenovela studies center in Brazil"

Viviane Klen Alves: "Possible Challenges of Interinstitutional Collaboration and Research"

Juliano Saccomani: "Looking into History to Figure out the Future: Experience visiting museums and libraries in Brazil"


Filmmaker Su Friedrich

Su Friedrich will present a screening of her films First Comes Love (1991, 20 min.) and Gut Renovation (2012, 80 min.). She will introduce the films and answer audience questions following the screening.

Friedrich's visit to UGA is sponsored by the Willson Center for Humanities and Arts, the President's Venture Fund, Film Studies, Romance Languages, and Women's Studies.




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