Fine Arts (Theatre) Building - 255 Baldwin St. - Room 352

“Writing the Self” with Josefina Báez
Graduate Students' "Performance Autology ®" Creative Writing Workshop
Language: English

Josefina Báez
Since 1986, Josefina Báez has served as the founder and director of Latinarte/Ay Ombe Theatre, which “is that space where the creative work becomes the spirit’s expression". Moreover, Báez has developed a philosophy called Performance Autology ®, a creative process based on "the biography of the doer" and the "healing of the practitioner”.  Under her guidance, in her international retreats and creative writing workshops, participants have engaged in a series of healing activities,including meditation, walking, Chinese calligraphy, story-telling, performance and writing, among others. For more information on the above offerings as well as Báez ‘s work, please visit her website,